Virginia girl in a NYC world. unadulterated me = Nerdyy Stuff. books, politics, feminism, harry potter, world events, animals, cleverness and awkwardness. Artsyy Stuff. music, makeup, fashion, dance, poetry, anatomy, form, crafts and color.
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The second makeup look I created on today’s photo shoot.
This is a mobile shot I took of my look.
I shot with photographer Martin Higgs, Model Zarah Walker from Lenis Model Management, and we shot at The Face Painting Shop.

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Tried turning her into charlize theron from Monster.



this is probably the best quote from anything ever

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an overwhelming majority of the time those people are indifferent and/or pretending anyway. Why diffuse your personality over many and receive barely moderate acclaim… when you can be yourself, be real, for a just a few and be loved?